Digital language and communication training
for EU scientists

Our objectives


The main objective of DILAN is to improve the ability of scientists to communicate their research results beyond the specialised community so that they reach diversified audiences and society at large.

The European Union has recognised that public communication of science is a key priority for society. To support this priority, DILAN will provide solutions for the digital transformation of human resources in research.

DILAN involves the creation of resources and materials in digital format, as well as online training courses and a MOOC with innovative learning/teaching practices.

In this way, DILAN will support the European scientific community (with a special focus on women researchers), enhancing their resilience and capacity to communicate on Web 2.0.

The resources will be designed for STEM and non-STEM areas and will also promote civic engagement, social responsibility and democratisation of science, as well as other key EU values (multilingualism, digital literacy learning, and citizens’ scientific literacy).

Communicating science
beyond expert audiences

Priorities & Topics

Relevant priorities

Addressing digital transformation through development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity.​

Additional priorities

Developing STEM/STEAM in higher education, in particular women participation in STEM.
Stimulating innovative learning and teaching practice.​


Digital skills and competences
Development of training courses
Key competences development​

An Erasmus+ Project


The project is eco-friendly (choosing greener forms of travel where possible) and inclusive (planning ways to help those with fewer opportunities to participate).

It is also inclusive of academic disciplines and academic languages in the EU.

Meet the consortium

Consortium Partners

Campus Iberus (Aragón, La Rioja, Lleida. Spain)
Université De Bordeaux (Aquitaine. France)
Univesité Clermont Auvergne (Auvergne. France) 
OSLOMET (Oslo, Norway)
Academia De Studii Economice Din Bucuresti (Bucharest, Romania)
Universitatea Ovidius Din Constanta (Constance, Romania) 
Fundación Ibercivis (Aragón, Spain)
Kampal Data Solutions (Aragón, Spain)

Associate Partners

Université de Paris, France
Université de Grenoble, France
University of Vlora, Albania
University College London, UK
Westminster University, UK

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