Multiplier event at OSLOMET

A very exciting multiplier event will take place on 3rd June to update on WP3. Partners from OSLOMET invite you to the hybrid seminar “Communicating research to wider audiences online” to learn new ways of generating interest in your research.


  • The internet has made it possible for researchers to communicate more directly with a wider public, and to create interest in their research in ways not previously possible.
  • The event will feature a talk from María José Luzón, of Zaragoza University, Spain, who has a rich experience with new digital communication approaches for scientists.
  • The event continues with an introduction to the Erasmus DILAN science communication programme, and a short workshop for participants to begin experimenting with the new approaches made possible by digital communication.

Target group:

The seminar will be useful for researchers as well as for those who work with research support or research communication.


The Unit for English for Academic Purposes, Research Support Services, University Library.

OSLOMET is in charge of WP3, whose purpose is to develop digital resources and instructional materials for training researchers in digital science communication. Training will consist of diverse resources and materials of different formats to meet diverse needs of scientists (from different academic disciplines, countries, educational/professional systems and infrastructures). These resources and materials will be aligned with EU frameworks: Common European Framework of Reference in Languages (CEFR) and the Common Framework of Reference in Intercultural Digital Literacies (CFRIDiL). A sustainable virtual infrastructure will be created to support the instructional materials and resources.

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