DILAN on a tour!

After Lisbon and the international Eaquals conference a week ago, Teodora Serban-Oprescu, Laura Muresan and their DILAN-ASE team have taken DILAN to a teambuilding retreat in the Carpathian mountains.

The main presentation of this multiplier event was dedicated to DILAN updates, showcasing outcomes of WP2, illustrated through materials uploaded on Drive and on the project website such as infographics, leaflets, and video testimonials.

The highlight were the video testimonials in which researchers share their communication practices when disseminating their research results to diverse audiences. These video testimonials are a consequence of WP2 interviews that took place in 2023. Once P2 and P3 members analysed the interviews’ contents and identified good practices, we have asked top-tier researchers to share their tips and best practices to disseminate science online.

All the 30 participants of the retreat are now looking forward to the training resources being produced this year in WP3.

DILAN’s infographic
Participants learning about DILAN
And the tour continues – DILAN goes to Athens next weekend, so stay tuned for more!

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